Alexandra Yurganova

My story began ten years ago, when two of my youngest children were diagnosed with multiple food allergies. I felt helpless and had many of my questions go unanswered. It was then that I started to research about treatments and alternative medicine, which lead me to discover the great power of food and how we can support our bodies through healthy nutrition despite any diagnoses.

I am sure you too may have questions about frightening illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disease, epidemic of mystery illnesses, etc. and what to do about them. These same questions lead me to the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Now, I would like to share my knowledge and expertise with you and guide you through confusion in the realm of health to help you to achieve your goals.

My mission is to give people full understanding of what they are consuming, how it affects them, and improve their eating habits, creating practical, maintainable and sustainable diets and lifestyle choices leading to a more energized happy life.

Natural Nutrition Services

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